Welcome to Universal Payment Services!

The 1st Shariah Outsourcing Company

Universal Payment Services - a Kuwait-Saudi partnership is one of the leaders in transaction processing and offers international, top-notch electronic transaction processing services through high speed, robust electronic information network.

Call Center

Great infrastructure and facilities handled by very professional staff selected carefully to provide your customer a world class service with the minimum cost.

Loyality Gift Cards

UPS provide solutions allow you to sell stored-value cards for future purchases in your store. Gift cards can help to boost sales, extend your product line and build your brand.


UPS provides a world-class mobile banking service to deliver significant value to the bank consumers and local merchants.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are college graduates, fluent in English and are accessible in person by email, instant messenger and phone.

Personalised Softwares

Our personalization Center is certified by Visa & MasterCard along with the leading experts in the card business industry will offer to your bank end to end services.



UPS consultancy services go beyond card business and also include organizations' strategies and financial performance consultancy.

What we do

Universal Payment Services serves up an ever-growing variety of consumers, businesses, associations and organizations with a complete line of transaction processing solutions that include

  • Inbound Customer Service.
  • Complaints Handling with full reporting.
  • IVR Services and self care management.
  • Telesales with exceptional performance.
  • Call Center Agents hiring.
  • Telemarketing with accurate reports.
  • market research services.
  • Business-to-business payment card services.
  • Comprehensive connectivity options with all international Payment Card providers.
  • Advanced merchant accounting.
  • Fraud monitoring and charge back protection.
  • Mobile Payment Services.
  • Sponsorship of Card Payment organization membership.
  • Training, consultancy & Card Center reengineering process.