UPS’s best-in-class software solutions, innovative vision and unique security technology are at the heart of a wide range of mobile services. We enable service providers to evolve services over time, introduce new features and capabilities, increase customer lifetime value, and increase number of customers while keeping a secure and unified customer experience.

Our solutions help clients anticipate and respond to customers' needs in terms of financial management, and payments directly through the mobile phone.
UPS mobile payment solution provides end-to-end secure transaction management with superior user experience, and allows the creation of new payment schemes through easy merchant acquisition.

Benefits of using UPS Mobile Payment Solutions

  • Create new sources of revenue
  • Enhance the loyalty of existing customers with new value-added services
  • Extend market reach to new segments
  • Improve brand differentiation
  • Offer a new and innovative payment experience to customers
  • It is secure, convenient, and easy to use

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