Advanced Technology

Universal Payment Services serves up an ever-growing variety of consumers, businesses, associations and organizations with a complete line of transaction processing solutions that include:

  • Latest Connectivity to Visa & MasterCard with backup sites available for 24/7 connection.
  • Investment in the latest telecommunication infrastructure that allows us to offer to our customers universal accessibility to our Processing Center
  • Latest Datacard & Gemalto EMV technologies for Personalization, Data Preparation & Instant issuing securely integrated with our processing Center
  • One modular System architecture that allows our customers to cater for all their processing requirements minimize the risk of having to integrate different systems. This also helped us in having integration with almost every core banking system & national Switch in the region.
  • The current architecture is designed to drive thousands of ATMs, POSes and issue million of cards with no time down or system outage.

Setup of three major centers: Processing Center, Personalization Center & Contact Center